Sunday, March 24, 2013

Virtual survival

James, a young Briton of twenty years, was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Having only a few months to live, he contacted a charity, the Willow Foundation, which enabled him to achieve his greatest dream: meet the developers of the video game series favorite Total War.

 During his visit to the studio Horsay (Sussex), last July, James was able to discover the exclusive brand new installment of the series: Rome II. "James came to see us the day after the announcement of the development of Rome II," says community manager of Creative Assembly studio on his blog. "We let him play the mission" The Siege of Carthage '. 
In fact, James was the first person in the world to have played in Rome II. "

Moved by the passion of the player to the saga of Total War, and his joy behind the scenes of its development, one of the creators of the game people proposed the model of James. "It took several pictures and measurements of the young man. This allowed him to create an absolutely amazing representation of James, which will appear in the final version of Rome II.