Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seethrough Micro Molding

Sensing Surfaces with GelSight

Microgeometry Capture using an Elastomeric Sensor
"Our microgeometry capture system consists of an elastomeric sensor and a high-magnification camera (a). 
The retrographic sensor replaces the BRDF of the subject with its own (b)
allowing microscopic geometry (in this case, human skin) to be accurately captured (c)
The same principles can be applied to a portable system (d) that can measure surface detail rapidly and easily; again human skin (e)."

Example geometry measured with the bench and portable configurations.
Outer image: rendering under direct lighting. 
Inset: macro photograph of original sample. 
Scale shown in upper left. 
Color images are shown for context and are to similar, but not exact scale.

Exploring the Potential of GelSight