Thursday, March 31, 2011

Infrastructure of the Flying Machine Arena

"The Flying Machine Arena consists of a 10x10x10m³ indoor space, with an additional control room attached to it. Nets on three sides and a transparent reinforced glass wall create an enclosed volume where autonomous vehicles can operate without endangering the surrounding space. The floor of the space is covered in impact-absorbing foam, reducing the damage incurred during crashes."

"The extensive physical infrastructure and hardware is complemented by specialized support software tools and libraries. These include a modular, platform-independent process framework, standardized components, a unified communication scheme with logging and playback, a distributed parameter system, visualization tools and a common support library."
Quadrocopter Ball Juggling

The Flying Machine Arena as of 2010 (Final Version)

Echo in Concert 

"One of our little quadrocopters, 'Echo', took some time off from her busy little schedule one evening and decided to play a little something for the holidays." 

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