Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raytheon XOS 2 Exoskeleton

Raytheon Unveils 2nd Generation Exoskeleton Robotic Suit

Agent Phil Coulson Meets XOS 2

"Clark Gregg, the actor known for his recurring role in the Iron Man movies, was on hand to witness the unveiling of the XOS 2 robotic suit at the Raytheon Sarcos research facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Paramount Home Entertainment prepared this video to coincide with the release of Iron Man 2 on Blu ray and DVD on September 28, 2010."  Raytheoncompany 

"Raytheon’s second-generation exoskeleton (XOS 2), essentially a wearable robotics suit, has been named one of the Best Inventions of 2010 by Time Magazine. The suit was unveiled for the first time in September during an event at the company’s Salt Lake City research facility. XOS 2 is lighter, stronger and faster than its predecessor, yet it uses 50 percent less power, and its new design makes it more resistant to the environment..."
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