Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Neuronal Chips

MoNETA a Mind made of Menristors

MoNETA: A Mind Made from Memristors
DARPA's new memristor-based approach to AI consists of a chip that mimics how neurons process information.
Article by Massimiliano Versace, Ben Chandler
"..How will we know we've succeeded? How will we know that all this effort and new hardware and new software have yielded what we want—an artificial intelligence? We'll know we have successfully built an animat when we are able to motivate MoNETA to run, swim, and find food dynamically, without being programmed explicitly to do so..."

Neuronal Man:The Biology of Mind

Jean-Pierre Changeux
Translated by Laurence Garey

  "Over the past thirty-five years, there has been an explosive increase in scientists' ability to explain the structure and functioning of the human brain. While psychology has advanced our understanding of human behavior, various other sciences, such as anatomy, physiology, and biology, have determined the critical importance of synapses and, through the use of advanced technology, made it possible actually to see brain cells at work within the skull's walls. 
Here Jean-Pierre Changeux elucidates our current knowledge of the human brain, taking an interdisciplinary approach and explaining in layman's terms the complex theories and scientific breakthroughs that have significantly improved our understanding in the twentieth century..."

Beyond mental man and neuronal man

Changeux neuronal man : 20 Ebooks Gratuits format pdf