Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kinect is a hacker's Paradise

 First video, showing the basics of 3D reconstruction.
"By combining the color and the depth image captured by the Microsoft Kinect, one can project the color image back out into space and create a "holographic" representation of the persons or objects that were captured."

Supplemental video showing that the sizes of reconstructed objects exactly match their real counterparts.
"Follow-up to my first Kinect video: Shows how objects are reconstructed at the correct size. I first measure a real object using a real ruler, and then the virtual reconstruction of the object using a virtual ruler. In a nutshell: the measurements agree exactly!"

Video announcing the release of the Kinect software, and showing how computer-generated 3D objects can be merged with a live captured 3D video stream.
"I decided to release my 3D reconstruction software, even though nobody will be able to compile it yet. The problem is that it's built on top of the Vrui VR toolkit, version 2.0, which is not released yet. But hopefully in a few days. At that point, it will definitely build on Linux, and probably on Mac OS X if you find a Mac version of the libusb-1.0 library (which I think exists)."

Video showing how live 3D video from a Kinect can be integrated with a VR application.
"Combination of 3D video from Kinect with background removal and computer-generated imagery from a 3D application."

Creating a Buckyball using NCK
"Creating a C-60 Buckminsterfullerene ("Buckyball") from scratch using the Nanotech Construction Kit in a CAVE. Each grey triangle represents a single carbon atom, and red balls indicate unsatisfied bonds".

First test of merging the 3D video streams from two Kinect cameras into a single 3D reconstruction. The cameras were placed at an angle of about 90 degrees, aimed at the same spot in 3D space.

"The two cameras were calibrated internally using the method described in the previous video, and were calibrated externally (with respect to each other) using a flat checkerboard calibration pattern and manual measurements" okreylos (Oliver Kreylos)

Richard Buckminster Fuller
The Montreal Biosphère by Buckminster Fuller, 1967 Fuller

 Two Kinects join forces to create better 3D video, blow our minds 
 by Tim Stevens.

 With Kinect Controller, Hackers Take Liberties
 by Jenna Wortham

 Inside the race to hack the Kinect
 by Jim Giles