Sunday, November 7, 2010

Partial Recall

Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover How to Erase Memory
"Researchers working with mice have discovered that by removing a protein from the region of the brain responsible for recalling fear, they can permanently delete traumatic memories. Their report on a molecular means of erasing fear memories in rodents appears this week in Science Express..."

Neuroscientists wipe specific memories, permanently

"In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, two people undergo a procedure to erase the memory of one another from their minds. And now love-lorn mice, at least, can experience the same relief from upsetting memories..."

The HOPES Brain Tutorial

 The HOPES Brain Tutorial (Flash Version)
 The HOPES Brain Tutorial (Text Version)

Mapping Memory in 3D


Memory Game 
Test your memory skills 

What is this?

  1. It is a Hippocampus and Seahorse
  2. It is 2 Seahorses
  3. I can't remenber