Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazing Copter

The Hexacopter: Awesome flying machine

Technical Data of that HexaKopter

  • flight-time: up to 36 minutes with small payload. If you don't believe it.
  • max. payload: 1kg (in the Video I used 1,3kg as payload for demonstration)
  • weight: 1200g (including Lipo; without Camera) 
Guide to assembly Get-started

Tierfotograf Benny Rebel: neue Perspektiven mittels MikroKopter
Wildlife photographer Benny Rebel: new perspectives using MikroKopter Here is the work of award-winning wildlife photographer Benny Rebel presents the ZDF.

Mark Willis: Aerial Photogrammetry with Hexaopter

Mark Willis used the MikroKopter Hexakopter as a tool for aerial mapping and photogrammetry of archaeological sites. VideoListe