Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dried Up

Dried Up
Film Makers – Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury, Isaiah Powers
Film Assistant – Regina Weller
Composer – Max Justus
Costumes – Anita Powers

“Dried Up” is the story of a quiet old man who, surrounded by desolation and apathy, perseveres to remain true to the nature of his own beliefs and character. He toils daily to forge a last ditch effort to bring hope and life to a faithless, drought ridden old town...
Making Of Dried Up


Camera, Software and Rigs
"...One of our first conversations about stop-motion was what software we were going to use. 
We new for a fact that we needed something stable and something that would control our camera. 
One of our classmates kept talking about Dragon Stop Motion. 
He would say stuff like, “It’s the only program you will ever need… you idiots!” He was right (about the software)"
"For the shooting we used a Canon XS..."     

Making Of Dried Up =>

Animation in Starts and Stops, Simplified
"For Stuart Bury, Jeremy Casper and Isaiah Powers, the path to a student Academy Award for their stop-motion animation cost less than $1,000, although it did require four months of often constant filming in Mr. Powers’s basement..."