Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freedom Fries | Is communication a basic human right?

Is communication a basic human right?
In 1980, UNESCO published a white book written by the International Commission for the Study of Communications Problems, known as the MacBride Report (as Seán MacBride was the Commission's Chairman). 

Note the "s" in "Communications" which sustains "means of communication" not communication per se. 

This study in depth, beyond controversy, brought evidences such as there's no Communication without infrastructure and it all starts with roads, yes physical roads... 

The origins of Communication stand when and where people physically meet. 

It not only is a fundamental right but, first of all, a necessity. 

So fundamental that humanity has developped all sorts of ways and means while some did their best to hinder them. 

Today, using a very old yet twisted and unfair trick (confusion between messenger and message) the WWW is threatened to be filtered, tamed, controlled.

It is up to us all, members of the planet, to protect our right to communicate...

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