Thursday, October 19, 2017

3D Printing Ooznest 0X

Ooznest is the brainchild of Cambridge University engineering graduate Ryan Lock. 
First stumbling across 3D Printing during his studies, he just had to get involved. 
Buying his first 3D Printer then building his own, he knew this was going to be something big. 

Ryan started Ooznest during his final year of studies, 4 years ago, and wanted to do his bit in helping bring 3D printers to the masses. 
Running Ooznest from home, and studying away at the same time stretched him to the limit, but upon leaving university it has now become a full time venture. 

Originally focusing on 3D Printing, Ooznest has expanded in to new markets , now one of their biggest areas is the CNC Router sector. 
Ooznest has made a name for providing excellent personal customer service and products. Their kits have gained many positive reviews, the success of their OX CNC Kit has lead them to design their own CNC Router, The WorkBee, which they hope will be even popular within the CNC Community.

Examples Objets:

The WorkBee is now available to purchase, more information can be found at:

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