Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let us celebrate the new acme of technology: 3D printed spam!

 (Image Credit: photosync/Shutterstock)

3D printed meat: It's what's for dinner
"Peter Thiel's philanthropic foundation gives up to $350,000 to a company named Modern Meadow, which plans to use 3D bioprinting to create an "edible prototype" that's a meat replacement."

3D Printed Meats May Soon Be on the Menu

"Ready for the latest oddity to come out of the 3D printing craze?

A startup wants to create 3D printed meat to fill the human craving for animal protein without continuing to take an environmental toll on the planet.

According to Cnet, billionaire Peter Thiel is directing between $250,000 to $350,000 from his philanthropic foundation toward Missouri-based Modern Meadow to create the bio-printed meat..."

3D-printed meat: would you eat it?
"Mmm, "meat!" (Image Credit: photosync/Shutterstock)"

3D printed meats may soon be on the menu