Monday, February 7, 2011

Robot gets snappy!

The fundamental way of approach in science, is analogy. It explains why the ancestors of robots were called androids as they were modeled on humans.

To imitate nature and the human body was (still is) a big challenge. But here we have these "hand" and "eye" faster than any biological structure. Still, we hear words such as "dexterity" albeit there is no specific right/ left attribution. Could such  amazing functions be called sinistrality?

High-Speed Robot Hand

For more info:
Namiki Laboratory | High-speed Vision and Manipulation

"Dynamic grasping using a newly developed high-speed hand system and high-speed vision is proposed.
In the high-speed hand system, a newly designed actuator provides the finger with excellent features: 
It is lightweight (about 110g per finger), and it is moved with speed reaching about 4m/s and 4N power at a finger tip, and backlash is small enough for high-gain feedback control..."