Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Astronomic Cheese

Chris Thompson/SpaceX

Sending cheese to space is the cleverest way to give aliens a serious hint about humanity (strategically chosen as not French (I mean the cheese)). 
Then referring to Abraham, Zucker & Zucker's movie "TOP SECRET" is simply brilliant as one of the most outstanding movie ever (albeit accidentally). 
Toping it with Monty Python will keep us safe from invasion unless some dumb astronomer sends some silly engraving showing how dumb we are...

The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python

Articles / Links:
Article by Mark Memmott.
It Went Where No Cheese Had Gone Before, Thanks To 'Monty Python'
"When we heard that a wheel of cheese had been sent into space this week aboard the first ever launch into orbit and return to Earth by a private company, we were curious.."

 "Yesterday’s historic launch had a secret payload. It was a payload so secret, SpaceXers made it Top Secret (think Val Kilmer 1984, not official US Government). So what was inside the mystery package?
Photo credit to Chris Thompson of SpaceX.."