Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whatever you Say Wherever you Are

The AudioScope consists of 300 microphones and a wide angle camera

"Audioscope is a high-performance audio capturing system which allows the user to record and zoom in on sound sources like you zoom in on visual images with a camera. Through a highly intuitive graphical user-interface with an overview video monitor, the operator selects the on-screen source which he or she wishes to focus on. All the sound from the selected source is amplified while the surrounding noise is suppressed. Up to five sources of interest can be selected simultaneously. In a ball game the operator can listen to both coaching benches, the referee and follow the game on the pitch."  SquareHead

Audio zoom picks out lone voice in the crowd
Article by Catherine de Lange

Super-Microphone Picks Out Single Voice in a Crowded Stadium
Article by Charlie Sorrel